Tree of Joy

Special Project of the Salvation Army

The Tree of Joy is a special project of the Salvation Army (Bend, OR) and the four Rotary Clubs of Bend (plus three new partners this year are Selco Credit Union, Mid-Oregon Credit Union, and On-Point Credit Union). Established to ensure that every child will experience the joy of Christmas by receiving gifts, the Tree of Joy has been in operation every year since 1984!


The Salvation Army screens and qualifies those who are eligible for participation, and a tag is then put on the Tree of Joy. Rotarians and other citizens of Bend then take the tag and purchase the desired gift or toy and bring it back to the Tree of Joy or one of the participating credit unions. As a result of this program, an estimated 900 individuals will receive a gift and a food basket which will be delivered by the Salvation Army prior to Christmas.

The 2016 Tree of Joy is located in the Old Mill District, and Rotarians are involved with ticket distribution and answering questions.