Youth Exchange

Exciting Foreign Exchange Program

Each year, the Club is part of an exciting foreign exchange program where we both “host” one high school student from abroad and “sponsor” one local high school student to go to another country. These exchange programs typically run 10-11 months and span the entire school year. The club has recently hosted students from Brazil, Sweden, Slovakia, France and Ecuador, and we have sent local students to France, Denmark, Germany and Spain. Many of the participants describe the experience as “their best year ever” as they are completely immersed in another culture, language and undergo incredible personal growth while making life-long friendships.


The club is responsible for lining up three “host families” who agree to take in the exchange student and treat them as part of the family (e.g. provide food, transportation to/from school, participate in family activities, etc.). If you are interested in being an exchange student or a “host” family for a foreign exchange student, please contact Vic Martinez. You do not have to have a direct Rotary connection to be an exchange student or a host family.