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Donation Request Policy

Our Club and Giving:

Since our charter in 1976, the Rotary Club of Greater Bend (RCGB) has made significant donations of member volunteer hours and money to numerous local organizations and capital projects as well as exceptional worldwide programs.  We focus on efforts that improve the lives of children, at-risk youth and families, and particular activities that have a lasting impact on our community.

Our current membership of approximately 125 business and community leaders are dedicated to continuing this legacy while carefully directing our donations to worthy projects.

The Donation Request Committee receives many requests each year from Central Oregon area non-profit organizations.  We are mindful of our approach in distributing the funds we work so diligently to raise and hence have prepared the following guidelines to help organizations seeking donations navigate our process.

Giving Budget:

Our annual member-directed donation budget is distributed as follows:

Discretionary Donations to support local organizations/projects:
Awarded quarterly by the Donation Committee; typically in the amounts of $250- $1,000.

Duck Race ticket proceeds:
Competitive selection process selected by full membership; historically $5,000-$9,000 awarded annually to 3-4 organizations.

General Guidelines for member - directed donations

Primary Interests for Giving:*

  • Programs that help "at-risk" youth to become competent contributing members of society.
  • Community service organizations that provide direct support to individuals/families in need (e.g. infants, children, people with disabilities, low-income, senior citizens).
  • Programs that support Veterans.

* Requests outside of these areas will be considered when they meet the needs within our community.

General Requirements:**

  • Established, non-profit IRS tax-exempt status
  • Programs/Projects with a specific purpose and articulated outcomes
  • Programs/Projects that have a positive track record and a realistic chance for continued success
  • Programs/Projects within the Club's serving area; The cities of Bend/LaPine and Deschutes County
  • Organizations willing to acknowledge, support and cross-promote the Rotary Club of Greater Bend to build increased community awareness of our efforts to support our community.

** Worthy or compelling requests that don't fit the adopted requirements will be considered.

Generally, we will not give to:

  • Political fundraising
  • Ongoing operating expenses
  • Salaries, benefits or administrative costs of start-up programming
  • Fundraising events that benefit individuals
  • For-profit organizations or groups
  • Religious organizations or groups (excluding "Tree of Joy" partnership with the Salvation Army)

Project Follow-up: For donations over $2,500

All projects that are funded are requested to supply the Rotary Club of Greater Bend with a report within 30 days of the conclusion of the event/project that includes the following:

  • Press release concerning the event/project that acknowledges the contribution of Greater Bend Rotary Club
  • Specific use of the donation/contribution?
  • Photograph(s) of the event/project.
  • Written accounting of use of funds.
  • How did the community partner notify the community/media of their funding?  (include newspaper clippings and copies of other media coverage if available)

Additionally, the club may request a follow-up presentation at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Process for Discretionary Donations: Application

All requests must be submitted in writing by email. Below is the minimum documentation that

  • A cover letter on your Organizations' or Group's letterhead stating:
  • The reason for your request
  • The specific amount you are requesting and a breakdown of its intended uses
  • Intended beneficiaries of the donation
  • A brochure or narrative description of your organization's or group's activities and goals
  • A current financial statement from your organization and list of Officers and/or Directors
  • Endorsement by a RCGB member, either in writing or verbally to the committee
  • A copy of your IRS tax status document

Submit all information to: Heather Vihstadt, Donation Committee Chair